Sonu Nigam in conversation with Indu Mirani – Hitting the high notes

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Headline: Sonu Nigam in conversation with Indu Mirani – Hitting the high notes

Posted by Namrata

So far, The Boss Dialogues has featured the biggest directors and launched TBD Legends with the wonderful Salim Khan. And now, we have started off the TBD Music series with one of the biggest playback singers in the industry. When we announced Sonu Nigam as the first guest of the TBD Music series, we were overwhelmed with registrations. There were countless eager Sonu Nigam fans who wanted to meet their idol. That the singer should have such a loyal, fanatic fan following came as no surprise – after all, he has spent 37 years in the film industry and delivered some of the most memorable hits of all time.

And what a cracker of a session it turned out to be. Sonu charmed the audience with his humility, his cheeky sense of humour, spontaneous singing and even a spot of mimicry. Sonu started off by talking about performing since the age of four and says that he doesn’t want to snatch away his son’s childhood. He explains, “I had a tough childhood. I used to study hard, sing, be at the top of my class. I also acted in movies then. Perhaps it would have been better if I had been slightly more protected.” It’s interesting to know that Sonu has only had six months of musical training and that too at the ripe age of 18. He says, “My father told me that when you go to Bollywood, it’s not the big composers who will ask you about training. It’s the small ones who will say – Accha beta, yeh raag kaunsa hai, yeh taal kaunsi hai? Bade wale nahin poochenge, only people who are not successful will try to put you down.”

Initially, Sonu also did cover versions of Mohammad Rafi songs. “Mohammad Rafi was the most iconic singer for us,” he says. “I enjoyed learning how to express emotions. Words like josh, khwab, muskura… I cry when I analyse these guys. It’s a divine blessing.” Indu reminded him that he can even out do Himesh Reshammiya’s Himesh. Sonu cheekily squirmed out of that one – Maine to aisa nahin bola tha. You’re putting words in my nose. He also spoke about his experience as the host of Sa Re Ga Ma, “That’s where people got to know the real me.”

The conversation also revolved his views on marriage and what he wants from his life. In a previous interview with Indu, he had said, “There is no such thing as a happy marriage. Security is the biggest killer of marriages. I don’t know a single couple who is happily married. The institution of marriage needs to change. It should be a contract.” So does he still stand by this belief? Sonu said, ” Yes, very respectfully. Earlier marriages were successful because a man would do whatever he wanted to. Today, for the first time, society is balanced. You put two people in a furnace and they will not remain the same. If you have a two-year contract, the first year will be good. In the second year, you will start thinking he/ she is not going to be my husband/ wife anymore. I’ve seen marriages crumble because people take each other for granted.”

Finally, Indu asked him about his plan to radically change his life. He said, “I’m seeking silence and I wanted to move away from Bombay. I have the vision of what kind of life I want, but I’m not going there, and I don’t know why. I don’t want to lead a mediocre life, which I am leading now. I am in a profession which is slightly superficial. You have to do things that do not make you happy. My father handles my finances and I told him to buy me a farmhouse. We bought one in Karjat. I want to do yoga and read books.” Fortunately, for his fans it means that he is within easy distance of Mumbai!

After a brilliant Q&A session with the audience and jamming with his fans, time was up. But not before his fans flocked around him to seek his blessings and well, to take those very important selfies.