Knowing Farah

As Farah Khan would perhaps be the first to say, there is no one that quite epitomises the word ‘boss’ as she does. Whether it is having A-list actors dance to her instructions, or act to her direction, she is in complete command of whichever set she enters.

My recollection of her goes back a long way to when she was a known choreographer but still to make it to the top rung where Saroj Khan, Rekha, Chinni Prakash and Tharun Kumar among others were comfortably ensconced. But Farah was not one to fret. She knew that her dances would appeal to the younger audience that was slowly coming back into cinema houses and she was ready to bide time. Refusing to give in to the paunchy chorus line attitude that her predecessors had, she found toned young dancers, dressed them in trendy clothes and populated her background with them. In no time, every actor worth his dancing shoes was clamouring for her and Farah had arrived.

Never one to rest on her laurels Farah went on to do her first feature film Main Hoon Naa which her good friend Shah Rukh Khan produced and the rest is too well documented to bear repetition.

Through all this there is one visual of Farah that remains deeply etched in my mind. Main Hoon Naa was on the verge of releasing and the marketing team had tied up with a popular clothing line. At a fashion show to mark the tie up, Farah , who was more than seven months pregnant with the adorable triplets she was to have later, marched down the ramp in her usual no-nonsense way only to have SRK and other members of the team jump onto the ramp to hold her and slow her down. As always Farah was in a hurry and she set a pace for herself that she shows no sign of veering from. And so, when not busy with her film she is happy to judge reality shows. Watch her later this month on DID Supermoms, a word she can be identified with completely.