Farah Khan: A cracker of a session

After the witty and articulate Farhan Akhtar, choreographer-director Farah Khan was the second director to be the guest of The Boss Dialogues series.  Even though she was unwell, Farah was incredibly gracious and enthusiastic about the dialogue. With her wonderful sense of humour, she had the audience in splits for a session that went on for an hour and a half when it was slated for one.

In conversation with Indu, Farah was at her candid best as she spoke about her ‘riches to rags’ story and how her brother Sajid Khan went through a phase where they were afraid that he might turn out to be a juvenile delinquent.

“That made me grow up really fast,” she admitted. In answer to Indu’s question about her life resembling a Bollywood script, Farah joked, “A really bad Bollywood script.”

But all Bollywood scripts have a happy ending and her journey from choreographer to director has been an eventful one. “I have to thank Sarojji [Khan] for not showing up on the sets of Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander,” she says with a laugh. “I went from fourth assistant to choreographer that day.”

Farah had brought along her assistant choreographer Kiran for the interactive session. He demonstrated moves that certain stars should do or moves that stars should never do. When an audience member asked her if there is a particular move that Kareena Kapoor should not do, pat came the answer, “She should not do.”

As the audience laughed, Farah continued to speak in her characteristic forthright manner. “Vidya Balan?” she was asked. She looked at her choreographer and said ‘Tu baith jaa!’

As for her favourite star Shah Rukh Khan, Farah joked that they are the ideal combination for collaborations. “I spend too little and he spends too much,” she joked.

It was refreshing to hear a successful director like Farah speak about her strengths and weakness, her vision, her eventful life with such candor. The session was spirited, the questions from the audience endless and challenging and there was a fantastic liveliness to the interactive dialogue. We love Farah for being such a great example of how to follow your dreams and to sport an unabashed, unapologetic attitude towards life. Thank you, Farah for such a wonderful session.